Juan David Romero

As a filmmaker, I have a keen eye for what feels and looks right in cinema and I understand one single frame can make or spoil a video; as a journalist, I have an insatiable desire for people's stories and know how to convey a narrative in a way that fits today's media landscape.

My experience is diverse, both as a filmmaker and a journalist. In the past I’ve worked as a writer for newspapers, magazines, and non-profits. More than that, I’ve exercised communication roles requiring a know-how of the media industry. Lastly, my journalistic work is not only written, but I’m also a filmmaker. As such, after working as communications officer at a large non-profit in Washington D.C., I moved to France and Greece, where I shot two short documentary films.

The first film is “Unbroken Paradise,” which played at this year’s Global Impact Film Festival and will play at the Amnesty International Human Rights Film Festival, and the IOM (United Nations Migration Agency) Global Migration Film Festival. The second one “An Iraqi Belly Dancer” played this year at London’s East End Film Festival, the Chicago LGBTQ+ International Film Festival, the Phenicien International Film Festival in France, the 7th Diaspora Film Festival in South Korea, and the 10th Kashish Mumbai Queer International Film Festival in India.

Presently, I mainly work with Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctors Without Borders) out of Paris.

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I am currently based in Paris. It's best to contact me via e-mail.
Email: juan.david1891e@gmail.com

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Freelance Video Editor

E-mail me at juan.david1891e@gmail.com for shooting and editing rates.

*Sony A7Sii (HD 1080 & 4K)
*GoPro Hero 4
*Impact Chroma Sheet Green Screen 10/x12 - 3m x 3.7 m
*RodeLink Wireless Lavalier Mic