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Whether you're an opera singer, a Rock band, a Latin Salsa musical group, or a Jazz singer/musician, you are in the right place. A music video is an instrumental part of your brand as a singer or a band and it can help you jump-start or take your career to the next level, particularly if it's your very first music video. However, even if it's not, no music video will always be the same as your band or musical group continues to mature and expand.


At this moment I work on the basis of desired "Donations/Contributions" for a one-man band low-budget music video shot on one camera. After submitting your proposal, I will help you fine-tune your idea and take your project from A to Z--meaning, from brainstorming music video ideas, to writing the script, to story boarding, to planning and location scouting, to shooting and video editing. At the end you'll be given a video file for your records that you can upload on Youtube and your personal website.

Anything beyond the 'one-man band low-budget music video' depends on what you are looking for as an artist and how much you are willing to spend on additional camera, location and equipment fees/rentals. Other things to consider include props, actors, extras, wardrobe, casting/shooting studio, hiring a crew and feeding that crew, etc--music videos at this level of production can start around $800 and go up to $10,000 and beyond. 

As you can see, the cost of a music video can add up pretty quickly. So before letting your creative juices flow, do think twice before adding a scene with a lion or an explosion--you'll likely need to hire an animation expert to do some special effects there.

A music video does not need all of that to succeed. Take a look at some of these music videos that are so simple, yet very successful at communicating with the audience:

Beirut - O Leaozinho

Carla Morrison - Compartir

Sinead O'Connor - Nothing Compares to You

Carla Morrison - Disfruto

Why music videos?

Thank you so much for your interest in embarking on your next adventure with me. As a journalist/filmmaker, my interest in music videos stretches far beyond 'making a buck.' I grew up around music all of my life and my mother is a singer/songwriter herself--yes I know all about that 'hard-knock' life. I am not a musician, but as a visual artist myself, I want to help you create a product that is not only honest to you as a singer/band, but that will also help you move onto the next step in your career, whether that's moving to a new city, recording with a new label, venturing onto your first tour, or making that next music video. In the end, I hope that you are left with a great visual product that you will cherish as you continue to grow and expand. In exchange, you will be providing me with a chance to learn and also thrive as a filmmaker and who knows, maybe we'll get to work together again in the future! 

My portfolio below reflects my work in the realm of music/art. However, I encourage you to click HERE for a portfolio more central to my work as a video journalist at the Central Florida Future and the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS)

My Portfolio

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