An Iraqi Belly Dancer, Unbroken Paradise
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An Iraqi Belly Dancer

Synopsis: An Iraqi LGBT refugee who is also a belly dancer escapes his country and moves to Greece, seeking safety from a family who wants him dead and hoping to find a home that will grant him a life in peace and tranquility.


Language: Arabic | Subtitles: English, French and Spanish
Running Time: 18 minutes

An Iraqi Belly Dancer SCREENINGS:

"An Iraqi Belly Dancer" has screened at London's East End Film Festival as part of New Queer Visions: The 36th Parallel, an LGBT section of the festival featuring LGBT short films from the Middle East.

Unbroken Paradise

Synopsis: A refugee of the Syrian Civil War flees to France, hoping to reconstruct his life after the war and become a professional architect in his new home.


Language: French | Subtitles: English, Spanish, French, Italian
Running Time: 25 minutes

Unbroken Paradise SCREENINGS:

Although "Unbroken Paradise" has not screened at any festivals yet, it has screened independently at local venues, such as University of Miami in Coral Gables, United States; Austin, Texas, United States; Cinespiral in Manizales, Colombia; Lyon in France; and Bordeaux in France.


"An Iraqi Belly Dancer" has screened at the East End Film Festival in London and "Unbroken Paradise" has screened independently in theatres and/or venues in the U.S., Colombia, and France. 

If you are a film festival or a humanitarian organization wishing to screen this film, please use to Contact Form to reach out to us.

Juan David Romero

Juan David Romero

Before filmmaking, Romero worked as Communications Officer at AAAS doing animation, writing, photography, and video production/editing in Washington D.C. 

Most recently he worked on-the-ground and remotely with various refugee-aid organizations in Greece and France documenting the experience of refugee migrants from Syria and other nations through short videos. On his free time he also contributes his video editing skills to the U.N. as an acting volunteer.